Akimax, Inc. Real Estate & Mortgage

AKIMAX Real Estate & Investment, founded in 2007 consists of a diverse Real Estate
portfolio, including a Real Estate Consulting Company, a Real Estate Brokerage
Company, and a Property Management firm. AKIMAX is headquartered in the city of
San Jose with operations throughout Northern California, Nevada, Arizona, and New
The core business within AKIMAX is a Real Estate Brokerage company that represents
buyers, sellers, and investors of both residential and commercial real estate. Akimax
consulting service is responsible for helping new and existing investors strategically
purchase Real Estate as well as managing them. They perform services on a variety of
different projects/investments including rehabilitation of entire home remodeling, apartment
buildings remodeling and repairs, business remodels or renovations and property management.
Through our multi-dimensional approach, as we represent clients as a Realtor, Real Estate Consultant we are always
conscious of the other fields to insure we are approaching your goal. Our organization communicates with
you through the entire process, eliminating risks usually associated with investing in
Real Estate, buying/selling a home or rehab\remodeling a property. This is all done under one roof! AKIMAX is a
one-stop shop for real estate financial services. With decades of experience and expertise including all
of ours business partners, investors, and associates, AKIMAX is in a strong position to fulfill the real estate
needs and requirements of all our clients.